SLS Free Goats Milk Soap

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An anti-inflammatory, chemical free soap for sensitive skin.

Quick Overview
Dermatologists often recommend goats milk soap to patients who suffer from dry skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. Orba Originals' SLS-Free Goat's Milk Soap recipe is designed for use for sensitive skin and combines a selection of skin loving essential amino acids, Vitamin A & B, minerals, calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. Free from harsh chemicals sulphates and petro chemicals, this gentle soap is suitable for use by the whole family.
Contains no added colours or fragrances.

Product Description
Goat’s milk as a whole has long been known for its moisturising, skin healing properties and is an ancient beauty treatment. Cleopatra was known for her beautiful skin resulting from her famous goat’s milk baths! This goat’s milk soap has a PH level very similar to human skin, which helps to rebalance acid/alkaline levels and protect cells from invading bacteria and the many chemicals we come in contact with every day. Commercial soaps have the natural occurring glycerine stripped out of them to be resold in the form of beauty bars and lotions. Orba soaps have all of their natural occurring glycerine as well as cocoa butter for extra moisturising benefits.
Orba Originals' SLS Free Goat's Milk Soap is formulated for people with sensitive skin and can help alleviate symptoms associated with distressing skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis and Acne. A really lovely soap that suits all skin types and is a perfect bath-time solution for babies and children .

Benefits of Goat's Milk Soap
Unlike standard commercial soaps which dry out skin, SLS-free soaps are kind to the skin and do not leave unhealthy chemical residues.
Most soaps contain petroleum products (irritating to people with sensitive skin), alcohols (which dry out skin), low grade oils, wakes, fillers, detergents and preservatives. Standard soaps also contain ‘Sodium Tallowat’ a cheap substance which is made from rendered animal fat, which is not good for skin or a healthy contribution to the environment.
As the largest organ on the body, skin absorbs the chemicals in commercial bars of soap in much the same way as the process that makes slimming patches work. The body sees those chemicals as toxins and then tries to rid itself of them. Since what comes in contact with skin is absorbed into the body, it is important to take care with what goes onto it.
The naturally occuring alpha-hydroxy acids in Goats Milk work to rejuvenate skin by breaking down the compounds which hold dead skin cells together resulting in beautifully softened skin, looking revitalised for a younger, healthier complexion.

Directions For Use
Use in place of commercial soap as part of daily bathing routine.

Caring For Your Soap
Orba Originals' SLS-Free Goats Milk Soap is unlike common soap as it does not contain any synthetic hardeners. It must be kept dry between uses to prevent it from wasting away. A well drained soap dish or use of a soap holder will prolong the life of the product.

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