Our No Nonsense Skincare Promise



Our Orba adventure began 17 years ago, as a family founded British business with a passion for healthy goodness and we are still going strong!

We have a simple vision to create truly natural and wholly beneficial skincare products without cruelty to animals or cruelty to skin because in today's modern lifestyle we're exposed to enough other dangers as it is!

Luckily one of our family members has a double degree in Chemistry and Physics so part one of our mission was easy to fulfil! We simply thought about the kind of products we wanted on our skin and our childrens skin and we started making creams that feel really rich and luxurious but without the harsh chemicals that can build up to cause irritation and allergic reactions.

We found that we weren't alone in our desire for truly natural and effective skin care as we sold out the very first time we took part in a trade show and we haven't looked back since.

The Orba Product range we have built up over the years is a true reflection of the feedback we've received from our customers about the kind of products people would like to buy. And our range remains 100% comitted to our 'Naturally No Nonsense Skincare' Philosophy as ever.

We've been a staple presence at all the leading consumer shows, trade shows and markets and available via mail order until now and thanks to our customers loyalty we are now branching out into the retail market and will be announcing our new list of stockists soon in our continued dedication to making safe, effective and long-lasting skin-care more widely available to everyone.

Several of our products are NHS approved, which means that you can get them on prescription from your local GP. This is especially important to us as we are committed to making natural and effective skin care available to everyone everywhere without exception!
We're a family-founded British company based in Kent and we make all of our products here in the UK with ingredients sourced entirely here in Britain.
All of our products are suitable for vegetarians and animal-cruelty free. Read more about what we will and what we won't put into our creams here
We've accrued 17 years of experience in making the highest quality skin care and it seems you agree with us! Read some or your feedback about us here.
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