Scalp Soother

Scalp Soother
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Date Added: 06/01/2011

I have suffered with scalp psoriasis for 25 yrs now, and have tried dozens of products provided by the doctor, which just sting and burn, and ultimately never worked. I started using this product every other day after washing my hair, and also used the psoriasis goats milk cream at night (which I washed out the next morning). I combined this with drinking a glass of goats milk every other day (make in to milkshake if you are not keen on the taste like me)! And also took those vitamin tablets which are devised for healthy skin/hair/nails. My scalp was about 90% affected by plaque psoriasis, and I had guttate psoriasis on about 10% of my body. Within 3 months of this routine, my body completely cleared up, and my scalp is 95% better and I'm not exaggerating! In 25 years it is the only thing that has had a substantial and long lasting effect. I have recently run out and am noticing the psoriasis is starting to develop again, but at a much slower pace than before which is good, so by the time I receive my next order I should be able to manage the condition and keep the effects of my regime! Thanks for such a great product, and it doesn't make your hair greasy and is not messy at all!
by Rebecca Richardson
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