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We are always delighted to hear what you think about what we make and we haven't knowingly discarded any customer feeback over the years. We have been over the moon with the positive feedback and have also always paid particular attention to any opinions that could help us improve our product range for you. We therefore continue to maintain that if you like our products please tell others about us but if there's something that we could do better please tell us! We simply couldn't list everything that you have said to us in almost two decades, however we have included a variety of comments that we feel might be helpful to any consumers wanting to hear from people other than ourselves how well our products might work for you!

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GENERAL "I have used several of your products over the last few years and wish to express how extremely good I have found the different creams to be. Particulary the vitamin E moisturising cream has been very sutiable to my extremely difficult skin. The cream leaves my skin ver soft and with a healthy glow, it has also helped reduce irritation were my psoriasis has been concerned. I also have found the minted foot cream really soothing and refreshing, leaving my feet feeling soft and supple. Your products are extremely good and I am very happy to have been introduced to them via a fried who also swears by them. Thank you so much in your efforts to provide creams which are so worth while in using, long my your products continue." Mrs D Gonzalez, Ashford Kent
"I had to write to say thank you for the relief that you moisturising cream has given my husbands psoriasis, After a year of trying different prescriptions your cream has made such progress in just a few weeks. I also gave a jar to my niece who has had a patch of psoriasis on her forehead that would not clear up. Within a week she said she was amazed at the brilliant result, so I thank you once again."
GARDENER's HAND CREAM "I purchased a jar of gardeners hand cream which has made my hands, normally as rough as sandpaper! as smooth as a babys bottom. I can thoroughly recommend this product it is extremely economical as only the tiniest amount is needed each application" P. Surrey
"I have been given a jar of your Gardeners Hand Cream and found it extremely good." A J R McMeill, Perthshire. UK
"I’ve been using your gardens hand cream “great” best handcream I’ve ever used- Thank You" Jenny Batchlor
"Very early last year (or could have been December of the previous year). We were staying in Greenwich and in the market I purchased a 100ml jar of hand cream. It has proved to be far superior to any other hand cream I have used, and I wonder if it would be possible for you to send me a jar through the post." M Doughty, North Devon
GOAT'S MILK "Many thanks for sending the goats milk cream, I just wanted to tell you the response has been fantastic, after 20 years in Pharmacy, it's great to be able to recommend a natural product and see an improvement of very inflamed eczema within days" L Wilson, Pharmacist, Chelmsford, Essex. UK
"I would like you to know that I am so pleased to have found your Goats Milk Cream, and in the last three months since starting to use it, have found it invaluable. I suffer from a form of eczema around and above my ankles, which in the past has not responded well to various prescription ointments. I do find, however, that an application of your cream gives relief from the itching and burning, allowing me to sleep better, and makes the skin less dry and more supple." J Hobby, Bryn Onnen, Cardigan
"I had to write to say thank you for the relief that you moisturising cream has given my husbands psoriasis, After a year of trying different prescriptions your cream has made such progress in just a few weeks. I also gave a jar to my niece who has had a patch of psoriasis on her forehead that would not clear up. Within a week she said she was amazed at the brilliant result, so I thank you once again." S Rust, Bourne End, Bucks
"Having used so many creams for my eczema in the past (none of which worked continuously) I am delighted to tell you that this one has. My hands are now normal-they don't bleed anymore and look just like normal hands for the first time in years. Thank you so very very much. I would be pleased to assist you in any way that Ican to help you promote this product to other sufferers. I have even suffered flare ups and the cream has stopped them from getting sore and taken the inflamation down immediately. I now no longer even wear cotton gloves to do dirty jobs with as I know my 'little miracle in a pot' will protect me. I apologise to anybody that thinks this message is over the top or cheesy but until you have suffered the effects of such terrible eczema for years, you wouldn't understand how fabulous it feels just to have normal hands again. Once again, many many thanks." Mrs D Pilling - Rochdale. UK
"I cannot adequately express haw glad I am to have found your Goats Milk Night Cream, Which has relieved the painful psoriasis on my hands and feet to the point were I no longer have to attend the hospital dermatology clinic.I had been suffering with the condition – initially on feet only but very swiftly spreading to hands and fingers for over four years and have been prescribed a number of steroid based creams, none of which have made any impact ( in fact they seemed to make the skinning and cracking even worse). I could not believe the results: within less than two weeks my hands had almost completely healed and now, although the psoriasis has not completely vanished, it is easily controllable with daily application of your cream and is only evident through a slight redness of the skin. Thank you so much. Incidentally, I showed the results to my GP who was equally impressed and, after looking up your details on the Internet thought the product might be successful on a couple of other patients who had been mirroring my experience. I have also given your leaflets to a few other people I know who are having similar problems" Mrs V Cotter, Maidstone Kent
ZZZWAT "This is the best insect repellent I have ever used, mosquitos love me and unfortunately they are here in London, this is a great gel and leaves the skin feeling fresh and soft unlike a lot of other products out there." Tina Watson, London
"Having purchased Zzzwat insect repellent from you at the Yorkshire show Harrogate, and being delighted with the result, I would like to replace same." Mr. B Robinson, Bradford. UK
"Of all the ways of trying to rid our farmhouse kitchen of flies we have found your Zzzwat insect repellent the most effective". E Gardner, Cumbria. UK
I am a gardener and can truthfully say this stuff really works! The first bottle we bought (and we were sceptical about it), lasted 3 years!! Only a tiny amount is needed, so therefore it is very economical. I use it every day that I am out working. Brilliant stuff - highly recommended. Nicki www.nickilewissmith.com
MEN's "I bought some of your products while on a performance tour of England with my church choir two years ago. I am on my last jar. It is wonderful. I had never before found anything that would clear up my skin allergy breakouts without resorting to hydrocortisone. My son loves the Aftershave lotion for after shaving. He is general manager of a company in Dallas, and could buy any men's fragrance/facial product he wanted, but begged me to please get him more of the Orba Aftershave lotion. Thanks for producing these fine products" LaWayn Zemp, USA
PLUS "I suffer from Rosacea and for years have been looking for and trying various products to help my skin. I had a cream from the doctor which I applied for months but your Orba Plus Face Cream helped me far more in the space of about 8 weeks." Mrs M Woodroof - Brentwood, Essex. UK
"My daughter brought me the Orba Plus face Cream from your market stall, last Christmas, I live up here in Leeds since using your cream I have only had the odd spot on my face. I have suffered from spots on my face, since my teenage years and am now over 60. How wonderful to be spotless for the first time in almost 50 years thank you." Mrs Shaw
CAMOMILE "I've just used the eye gel for the first time and I'm glad I decided to keep it. So far I'm really impressed with your products. Many Thanks." Miss K Leighton, Nottingham UK
"I have some chamomile eye gel left (it lasts for ages) please send a sample to my friend." Mrs P Helyer, Salisbury